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Electronic publishing, in its different forms and formats, has become a milestone in the publishing industry in the past few years. This has been largely influenced by the extensive use of digital products in our daily lives, aided by the dominance of social networks and other digital platforms that has all been driven by globalization, internationalization and elimination of geographical and social boundaries. Information has become available by a single mouse click.

In accordance to this explosion of information and the ease by which information can be obtained by the end user, there appeared the need for electronic platforms that provide the myriad of services and products required by their end users.

The idea of Layla Cultural Platform emerged as a two-way road: one side presents Arabic culture to readers worldwide, and the other brings global culture to the Arabic reader. Both, together, can be combined in different ways that together help local and regional individuals and institutions in reaching their educational, servicial, and societal targets in a professional and clear way. Layla Cultural Platform is considered a new and unique idea in the Arab world, as judged by its policies and terms of use.


We aim to make Layla Cultural Platform an umbrella of both Arab and Global culture in the virtual world. Our slogan being “Through Layla Cultural Platform, we meet under the shades of culture”.


To provide an electronic platform that serves as an open source of both visual and audio books. This act will help using, exchanging and preserving humane heritage of knowledge and culture, thus proceeding to continuous development.


The platform’s values are: