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Destinies 1

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( 1 ) Three weeks later, after the terrific incident that had occured to his brother and made him plunged in mists of greif ,he was awaken by chance with outstanding feelings about his dreams of the day to come. The young man, whose name was Isac, felt that finally he will get the relief that he dreamt in the past few months. He would recollect what has happened in the past, in the better days of the neighbourhood, when his brother and him took cahrge of the local hospital. At that time, the neighbourhood was like a heaven in his eyes, despite of the ruined houses and the scenes of the children who play in the debris which was more closer to souls' debris than houses' one . The only place which was almost intact from the memory of the war was the hospital, since the war destroyed all the other governmental institutions. The momentum of the moments inside the medical facility was very fast in a way that makes anyone thinks that he is in a movie. Every year, after the final bullet of the war, foreign organizations were doing huge efforts to help the innocent victims of the war, until all the helps, and by an order from the new president of the country when he thought this was a kind of disgrace, have stopped. Just only one organization refused the order and had the permission to continue the good deeds from a superior authority more than the president himself. Hence, it continoued doing their jobs serenly ,until the moment they believed a local administration could be on the head of their works in the wounded country. That was the moment when Mr. James Brown, the superior commissioner of the organization, and after a prolonging fight with other governmental authorities, appointed Isac and his brother to be in charge of the hospital, for their good record during their long duties with the organization which exceeded four years. Isac was more happier than his brother, always he was fascinated with the foreigners' job toward his people, and he dreamt always of being one of the staff of the organization that was taking a good care of the hospital, but not in any moment of his life did he think about being in charge of the hospital. He started working with them as an assistant to give food and medicines by the instructions of the doctors there, then he progressed to be the boy who is sent to give invitations to the civic figures to attend some events that were meant to have funds from them, or to receive letters which were addressed to the office from the telegraph office. During the same time, his brother, Malik, was the person who helped the cook in preparing the food, and he stayed there until he and Isac took charge of the hospital. They have started their mission by making several changes since they had all the authority, but the most significant thing that they have done was to put the regualtion which prevents any military equipment to go inside the hospital, either as a possession of the army or individuals. At that moment, they didn't know this regualtion will take an effective role in an appalling incident 8 months later. The boys' mother was not very happy with this pormotion. The lady, who completed half a century three days ago, believed that with great responsibilities only bad things will happen. She looked forward, in the past, from the boys to be more mature to start looking after her and her dead husband's farm and to increase the domestic income of their house, but when Isac told her about the happy news of being on the head of the organization's job in the hospital, she reacted happily, but not then, not ever neither he nor his brother will know about the broken heart of the devastated widow. All the things were going well, even Isac has discovered his true love during this period. What was concerning him very much at that time was the case of a boy who came to the hospital 2 months after they started their job. He was wounded badly in his arms and leg as a result of an explosion of a mine that was forgotten deactivated after the war. The accident happened when the father of the boy took him to the forgetten farm of theirs during the war, thinking that the land has become intact again from the remains of the war by taking the oath of the official of the military troops that they cleaned up the area totally, then when the abominable accident happened the father knew that all what has been said was just lies, not only lies of that army official, but he kept a believe inside his heart that no official is worthy to be trusted. The boy, whose name was Khamees, was suffering from several injuries, and no one understood how to help him, until a new female medical resident took care of him in a way made the boy recovered his health again and all the burns and wounds were healed, only then, Isac recollected his smile again. Although the occurrence of some difficulties during the day, from the confiscation of some medicines and equipment by the oppressive regime, to the death of many patients as a result of the lack of appropriate health care, everything was moving well over all. A little earlier, around that time, a medical resident named Laila was from another region in the country that have different physical attributes, specially in colour. The tribe of hers was one of the most racist ones in the country. They believe their boys and girls must keep the purity of their race by not getting married to anyone out of the tribe. Although many of their boys got married from tribes rather than theirs, but they refused this to happen for the girls. When Laila was chosen to represent the ministry of health in the region of the country which had the war on its land, a war was about to be waged because of this decision, until a suggestion from the girl's uncle declared that she can go, and no one objected since the uncle was the guardian of Laila after her father's death. She was very happy and she travelled directly 3 days later after that permission, but not a lone, her sister,Jamila, was with her. On Saturday's afternoon, few minutes after 4 , Laila reached the region to start her new job on a train with her sister. A representative from the ministry of health met them in the station and took them to the new medical staff dormitory of the ministry where just Laila and her sister stayed there, with an old nurse who no one remebers since when she was here in the hospital. After they took rest from the 11 hours journey, She started her duty in the next day of her arrival. She was working hard and putting the goal of making every thing in the right place medically, even her touches appeared clearly to anyone, starting from ventilating the hospital's atmosphere daily from the suffocating smell that was a distinctive sign as a result of urine, coagulated blood and some times the body of a dead patient who no one knows where is his family. The smell which was noticed clearly when anyone comes to the hospital was vanished utterly by using harmless chemical substances. The asphyxiation not only disappeared from the air, but also from the chests of the patients and the doctors due to the hard pressure of the loads of responsibilities in the injured region, she organized the job, for the first time patients were devided according to the kind of illnes, and that made it easy for the rest of the staffs to practise their job easily. Little by little the patients' long lines began to be shorter. Always she worked in the section of the urgent need, she continued doing this for the first nine weeks. She dealt with all the people in the hospital with the same intimacy, which made her the beloved one for all the hospital. Until she left the place, no one saw her without a smile, even during the time of the apalling incident which happened to Malik. Laila who had beautiful appearances charmed anyone with her oval face, the dimple on the left cheek that looks as a crescent in a clear night , the unique mole over her upper lip as a ripest fruit on the top of a tree in the harvesting season, her roman nose and the wide black eyes which harmonised together as musical notes on a musician's sheet, her swarthy skin and the impression that you feel when seeing her as she just has finished her shower give all her appearances the sense of she does not belong to this earth. She looks as an angel whenever she wore the medical costume. Despite of the slim fit shape, the two almonds were prominent as a defect in her appearances. No one knows how her hair looks like because she always wears colourful scarfs, but all the people were led to believe that she had a long hair because always there was a great heap over her head, she attracted everyone with the astonishing way of speaking with that crack in her voice, and that crack exactly was the thing which makes any person gazes stupidly whenever she speakes. What was indisputable about her, she was by far more beautiful than Jamila. In spite of the cold, calm and moderate appearances of Jamila, she hid an envy towards her sister. Since they were children, when she realized the people focus with Laila, always at the dark quite night that accompanied with the sound of memories that has some resemblance of drums, Jamila was always pondering about her unfortunate life in the shadow of her sister. She began to develop an antipathy against her sister serenely when people started to call her Laila's sister. Though, until the moment her family decided to send her with her sister, she did not ever think about harming her. She had more important things to take care about. Eight month earlier, she started a relationship with a man who was the son of a second class family not like hers. His family were farmers not merchants like her father and uncles were. She loved him because he was the only person who knew her real personality and beauty when everyone cares about another beauty in the home. They were sending letters to each other, and usually they exchanged letters once a week in a service every Friday in the afternoon in the great mosque of their village. Despite of the danger they continued doing this every Friday since he delivered a letter of eleven pages where he told her about his feelings and his desire to have her as a wife in the future. She was waiting for this opportunity since so long when she noticed his glimpses. Next Friday, she replied in a letter of one paper in which she wrote only five words, " Don't stop writing to me", the man considered this letter as a declaration of love. From that moment the letters continued, some of them had the pattern of news and some of them were taking the patterns of a domestic conversation that was more suitable to be between huspand and wife than lovers. She did not care about the pattern of the letters as long as the letters continued coming and as long as that man desires her, this idea precisely always makes her be in a state of pleasure even after she travelled with her sister in the darkest lonely days at the hospital's dormitory. She was very happy, until two weeks before Laila's travel, a friend of her oldest brother saw her delivering a letter to that man and she received one from him during the service. He did not think along, he told her brother as a kind of loyalty for him and directly her brother decided to take care of the scandal. Jamila did not know about this, she was living in the dreams and the euphoria of love, she was waiting impatiently for the next Friday to come. On Wednesday, little later after eight at night, her mother told her that she has to be ready to travel with her sister. She did not believe she will leave during the happiest moments of her life, she refused to go first, but when her brother asked her about the reason of the refusal she could not tell. At the earliest hours on the next Saturday's morning, she went with her brother and Laila to the station to take the train to the wounded province. The paradox happened when Laila was about to explode of happiness, while Jamila was shedding silent tears. She was hoping a final glance from her lover in the station, every time she saw a shadow in the dark, she would think that was her lover, but she did not know that her brother used some of his acquintances to send the man far a way, and no one knows where he was sent. To be continued...

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