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We are delighted that you selected Layla Publishing Platform to be the portal through which you present your writings to the world. Thank you very much.
Before you go further, we should state that our platform is dedicated towards distributing knowledge and literature to everyone all around the world. That means our target audience includes adults, children, and people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds. We aim to respect the beliefs of all who are using our platform. Thus we ask you to consider the following:

Before you submit

To make life easier for both of you and ourselves, please make sure you follow these steps before submitting your book to us:

Submitting your book

Follow these steps in order to submit your book for publication with us:
  1. You need to login to your account. If you don't have an account yet, you can register here.
  2. You will need to register yourself with us as an author. Login to your account. From the menu at the top of the page, select User Home, then click on Author hub.
  3. You will see a message telling you that you are not a registered author. Click on the link that says: register yourself as an author and fill in the required data.
  4. Go to your Author's hub, click the link that says Publish a new book, fill in the required data and upload your files, and you're done!

The review process

We review every book submission to make sure you conform to our content policy. We target a wide audience and we need to make sure all the material accessible through our platform is appropriate. That doesn't mean we are going to review the content for scientific correctness for example, we just need to know what we are publishing on our platform. The review process takes from 5 to 7 days on average. If your book is accepted for publication, you will be notified through email as well as through your message inbox, which you can access from our app.